Submitted by Rose

I’m 9. A boy from school chases me around the McDonald’s playground, pins me down and says he wants to kiss me. I kick him off and get away.

I’m 12. My creepy teacher is always trying to get me alone in the classroom with him. Then he invites me to lean against his chest. I say no, shaking in terror.

I’m 14. Walking home from school. A group of about ten boys from my class swarm around me in a tight circle. They ask me what my vagina looks like. About my clitoris. About all the boys I’m supposedly sleeping with. I’m a desperately shy virgin. Male teacher laughs and tells the boys not to do that again.

I’m 15. Wearing a school uniform. A middle aged tradie wolf whistles at me while he drives by.

I’m 16. A boy in science class gropes me, then follows me onto the school bus and does it again.

I’m 18. A boy at school slips his hand down my uniform and starts sliding my bra off. When I push him off he replies coyly that he’s “Just keeping his hands warm.”

I’m 20. A man who slows his car down and shrieks “I’d f*** you!” at me as I walk down the street.

I’m at my friend’s 21st birthday party. Her grandfather makes a pass at me. Later on comes to find me and rubs himself against my body. I look at him with wide frightened eyes. He laughs.

I’m involved in filming a music video. The producer reaches for my chest asking where my boobs are because I’m the only one on the shoot wearing a high necked top.

I’m 21. The only passenger on the bus. The middle-aged driver doesn’t open the door at my stop. He tells me I’m hot. I have to ask him to let me out.

I’m 23. My 46 year old co-worker asks about my sex life even when I truthfully say I’m a virgin. I ask him to stop. He calls me a bitch. He tells me I need to start having sex to get the dicks out of my brain and into my life. On a business trip he gets blackout drunk and screams at me for two hours calling me stupid. This goes on til one in the morning. He won’t let me leave. I’m crying, begging him to stop. He won’t and tells me to go rest my brain because I’ve finally used it for once. I end up fleeing the apartment. He tells me I’m mentally unstable and emotionally suppressed and that it’s my fault. He admits to inappropriately touching a woman. Then creepily turns to me and says “You know, I’ve never hit a woman before….”
I go to report him. He’s sleeping with the company head. She refuses to listen. I receive abusive phone calls from her calling me a liar and the perpatrator. They erase all evidence that I ever worked for them.

I’m 24 and trying on swimwear. An old man walks in and asks if he could take over the fitting. The older sales assistant starts lamenting my generation and how we don’t like “those comments” anymore.

I’m walking around the shopping centre/mall dressed as a Christmas Elf for work. A man slips his hand up my skirt.


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