Shared anonymously

  • I’m in 5th grade and have been chosen by my teacher based on my good behavior and leadership skills to be part of the after-school safety patrol. I wear skorts to school as part of my school’s standardized dress code. On my first day, I’m standing by the bus lanes proudly wearing my reflective vest and some of my male classmates shout out to me that they’re going to put their hands up my skirt. Throughout the school year, they make comments to me at lunch and recess. They say that they saw me showering the night before. That they know where I live and saw me through my window. I tell my teacher about the harassment and she has meetings with their parents. I remember one day, her eyes welled up with tears as we discussed the problem as a class. I wasn’t the only girl they were doing this to.
  • I’m at my first middle school dance in 6th grade, standing in a huddle with my friends when a male classmate runs by and slaps me on my butt and runs off laughing. I’m furious and embarrassed but my friends go with me to confront him. We get into an argument and I punch him in the face. He lunges to hit me back when a parent separates us.
  • I’m 16, sitting on a couch at a party when a friend of a friend (a senior boy) walks over to sit next to me. He puts his hand on my stomach and I move over. He does it again and then I get up to go find someone else that I know.

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