Submitted by Rosemary Armao

So strange that it took Donald Trump’s contemptuous treatment of the women calling him out for boorish and worse behavior that made many of us realize all we have all absorbed WITHOUT calling out anything.

This nasty woman thanks you for the chance to do so now.

My experiences include:

  • Being grabbed in that now famously grabbable place by a relative in the middle of a driving lesson. My first time going above 30 on a highway. I’m still a poor driver.
  • Being grabbed again by a man passing me on a sidewalk in Syracuse where I was a college student. I didn’t even scream I was so taken aback. He strolled away laughing.
  • A boss who called me “Buttons” in the newsroom until I asked a male colleague to visit him at home and set him straight.
  • Another boss who pursued the idea of investigating local swinger culture by posing, he and I, as a “couple.” Eventually I reported him to higher-ups.
  • A city official who promised information for a story I was working on if I met him first to get to know me better, after-hours, at the waterfalls. I didn’t get the story.

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