Shared anonymously

Sadly, I like many women have countless memories of these experiences. Most recently, in February of this year, while in my dermatologist’s office, he began to comment how attractive I was and made me extremely uncomfortable. I am 33 years old.

At the end of the visit he placed his hand on my wrist gesturing for me to stand up so he could get a better look. I began to resist and he jerked my arm so hard yanking me off of the examination table. He said “lets see what you’re working with.”

I never reported it. Thought it would be pointless. He’s a high profile doctor in Dallas with plenty of community support. About a month later after the incident I told my best friend. Only because she had just taken her mother-in-law to him after I recommended him (my recommendation was pre-incident).

I still have the photos of the bruises on my arm that I took with my camera phone which have sense faded, however that feeling of shame and regret for never reporting will never go away.


One thought on “Shared anonymously

  1. Wish you had said something to him, like you are making me very uncomfortable. What if I said the same thing to you. Please don’t go back to him. write him a letter and tell him why you aren’t returning.


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