A man told me recently that more women should share their stories of sexual harassment and sexual violence to raise awareness. So I did, on my Facebook page. It resonated with many women. Several commented that if we all made a list, it would be so long that men (and some women) would be shocked. So I started this blog. Feel free to share your experiences, whether anonymously or with your name attached. Thank you.

  • I am 8 and walking down the street. Some boys in a car drive by and yell and throw something at me. It’s a tampon, but I don’t know what it is. I’m 8.
  • I’m a freshman in college at a party. A male comes up to me and says, “I’ll bet you have silver dollar sized nipples.”
  • I’m a sophomore in college. A man is behind me on a crowded train in Boston. He shoves his erection up my ass. I elbow him as hard as I can.
  • I’m a junior in college walking down the street. A man yells out of a car, “Are those REAL?”
  • I’m 21, at my first job out of college. A male walks by my desk and tells me not to cross my legs because I’ll get varicose veins and ruin them.
  • I’m working at a newspaper. A source asks me to meet him for lunch. I think he is going to give me a scoop. Nope, he wants to have sex.
  • I’m in the newsroom and one male is taunting another. I make one comment and one of the males screams at me, “Fuck you, bitch, you fucking bitch, fuck you, fuck you!” while the male managing editor is walking by. No one does anything, except my harasser is told to “take a couple of days off because he’s stressed.”
  • A married, male co-worker befriends me. One morning he shows up at my apartment. I let him in, and he tells me he wants to have an affair with me. He starts assaulting me. I persuade him to stop, and make him leave. He returns two more times in the coming weeks and I don’t let him in.
  • I give a ride to a friend’s brother. He’s married. In the car, he starts touching and groping me. I push him away. We get to our destination, get out and he pushes me across the hood of the car and climbs on top of me. I start screaming and he gets off of me.
  • I’m in a bar. A guy sitting on the stool next to me touches my lower torso area. I tell him to stop. He does it again. I tell him if he does it one more time I am going to hit him. He does it again and I punch him in the face.

These are the ones that I remember. I know there have been countless other comments, street harassment, touching and other humiliating things that have happened.

Despite all this, I am fine. I am strong. I stand up for other women (and men) who face this bullshit all the time. You should, too.


One thought on “Women strike back

  1. On my first job out of college I had a boss who fondled himself through his pants whenever he called me into his office the whole time talking about work issues. I was in a probationary period and didnt dare say anything because I was afraid of losing my job. I didn’t dare tell any of my coworkers because I didn’t know who to trust. Finally left for another job after I found one, but was stuck there for a whole year feeling intimidated.


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